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1 Indefinite period of computer repair, so they take a long time 

2 They do not inform about the status of the order, whether the laptop is being repaired

3 They postpone the completion date, promise but do not fulfill and postpone 

4 How much it is expedient to do. Geek disappears, no answer

5 No warranty or 30 day warranty or none at all so you don't know how long it will


1 Over 10,000 customers who can recommend our laptop repair service

2 80 month warranty , therefore, more than 50% of new customers on the advice of those who have already contacted us

3 Independent quality control, we always take feedback to improve the level of service

4 Experience of programmers from 10 years, arrival within 1 hour, or at any time convenient for you

5 Full confidentiality, we conclude a warranty contract, a certificate of completion


You know the price by phone in advance

Within 1 hour a specialist arrives

5 minutes diagnostics by an expert

In 30 minutes we fix and set up

We issue a guarantee for 60 months and a check

Arrival of a specialist within 1 hour (Or at a time convenient for you, and in case of delay we compensate up to 100% of the cost of services) -

Guarantee 80 months (The contract is included in the cost of services and includes full warranty) - 0


Assembling a computer from 8 to 12

Installing or replacing RAM (RAM) - 4

Installing or replacing a computer power supply - 5

Cleaning the computer cooling system - from 8 to 19

Installing or replacing a CPU / cooling cooler - 8

Computer GPU / graphics adapter (video card)

Computer motherboard / motherboard repair - from 9

Motherboard repair with replacement of BGA chips and microcircuits - from 27

Computer maintenance (cooling system) - from 5 to 9

Installing or replacing a computer power supply 5 to 9

HDD/SSD installation/replacement (without file transfer) - 5 to 9
HDD/SSD installation/replacement (with file transfer) - 8 to 17

Computer system unit diagnostics - 9

Computer diagnostics (if unconfirmed breakdown) - 3


Replacement of the laptop keyboard - 9

Repair of the "black screen" - from 8

Repair / replacement of the loop - 7

Flashing / BIOS update on the laptop - 17

Repairmotherboard laptop - from 26

Replacement/repair of the laptop power input/charging - 29

Cleaning the laptop cooling system - from 27 to 48

Replacement/repair of the laptop cooling system - from 29 to 48

Cleaning/flushing motherboard the laptop (after flooding) - from 19 to 47 

Laptop case repair - 35

Screen (display/matrix) replacement - 28 

Laptop power/charging system repair - 57

Thermal interface (per 1 gram, including replacement work) - 6

BGA chips replacement - 98
input replacement - 18

Laptop motherboard replacement - 15

Notebook BIOS recovery - 15


Data recovery in case the OS does not start (for 1 GB) - 3

Data recovery from a working hard drive (for 1 GB) - 4

Repair of a hard drive - from 17 to 48*

Data recovery from a hard drive that needs to be repaired / from a damaged hard drive (for 1 GB) - 5

File recovery damaged txt, word, exel, jpeg (for 1 GB) - nine

 Recovery of files from information media (for 1 GB) - fifteen 

Recover deleted photos (for 1 GB) - from 17

Data recovery from a flash drive (for 1 GB) - 9

Flash drive repair - from 37 to 59

*All repairs are carried out in the service center in compliance with all technological processes, so the probability of successful recovery is 91%

When restoring files, a violation of the file tree is possible, which means that the restored information will not be located in folders, but in one common.

Hard disk data recovery is performed after scanning the entire volume of the media, which means that the cost of work is determined by the nominal size of the hard disk.  If the hard disk is 500 GB, the program reads and restores data from the entire hard disk.


There is a 60-month international warranty. More than 1000 cities where a technical support expert can arrive within 1 hour, as well as 24/7 remote technical support. We are always in touch by phone hotline and whatsapp. Contacts are always available on our website. 


In 30 minutes with a guarantee of 60 months. Quality, speed and original components with a manufacturer's warranty. Possibility to pay by bank transfer - from the current account of a legal entity. Certified technical experts who will make accurate diagnostics and qualified service in a short time. 

Most often, due to overheating, laptops are very hot and work slowly, so the service life is reduced by 10 dozen times, and often the laptop does not turn on at all. Most laptops from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Apple MacBook, Asus, Dell do not work well due to viruses, there are viruses that encrypt all information and require a $300 ransom for decryption.

Quality Department:

Technical Support:

Cyber ​​Security Training: Is

your favorite laptop, PC, console running slow, running hot or behaving strangely? 

Better Call Me:

  • cleaning cooling systems

  • replacing thermal paste and thermal pads

  • speeding up the system and the device as a whole

  • upgrading (increasing RAM, replacing old hard drives with modern high-speed ssds)

  • replacing keyboards and broken screens

  • installing operating systems (rus \ eng)

  • installing any software ( рус \ eng)

  • optimization and acceleration of the system

  • I make high-quality assemblies of gaming PCs

  • RECOVERY of lost, deleted data

We solve any other issues regarding your devices Do not forget that even if your favorite device is working properly, it needs periodic maintenance, which will speed up work, increase comfort and extend the life of your device, avoiding additional financial costs!


warranty and customer support 24/7

Russian-speaking master - you will be able to explain your problem in detail by restoring or upgrading your device.

Most of the work is done on site in front of you. 

I can come to you or you can come to our service.

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